Friday, August 26, 2011

Pastor's retreat on the decline of the Presbyterian Church

We had a very encouraging field experience last weekend at Malo. It was our first time visiting the village, and we found the people to be full of praise and thanksgiving to God through Christ. The students worked hard and we are all very thankful to God for the weekend.

Tomorrow (Friday) the director of the Ministry Training Program in Australia will be visiting Talua. Please pray that Ben will say many helpful things to the students and staff, and that it will help us to see the importance of training people in ministry and give us ideas for how to do this better.

Next week (29th August - 2nd September) many pastors and elders will meet in Luganville to address the problem of the decline in the Presbyterian church. Ps Tony Wan will lead some of the sessions and call people back to preaching, teaching and discipleship. This is a wonderful opportunity. Please pray that those attending will see the importance of focusing on the Gospel of Christ and be filled with greater passion to preach Christ and teach the Word of God.

The following week is the Presbyterian Church Assembly. There are many administrative matters to deal with, but please pray that in all that we discuss we will remember Christ and be making decisions that help people throughout the nation know him and grow to maturity.

There are many exciting things happening and also many challenges. Thank you again for your prayers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Connor prayer points for 5th August

Hello everyone,

We hope this email finds you standing firm and growing in the Lord. There was a lot of tiredness and minor sickness in our family last month, but we are all back to full health now. Students at Talua have been studying this week and will sit their exams on Monday and Tuesday. This has been less demanding on us and Glen has been doing more marking and preparation. We also had very helpful staff inservice training for two mornings.

The calendar is very different this year because of the date of the church Assembly. Students will have 5 days rest after exams and then term 3 will begin on 15th August. This will be very demanding on staff and students.

• Give thanks for good health, for the encouragement from recent visitors, and for the training Talua staff received.
• Pray that staff will work together, united in a common desire to see Christ proclaimed and glorified through our lives and work and through the students we are training.
• Pray for students doing exams next week, especially those who have little formal schooling and are very nervous.
• Pray that God will give strength to both staff and students as we begin term 3 after a very short break.
• Give thanks for Emily's time with us, and pray for her safe return to Australia in about two weeks time.
• Give thanks that Talua has decided to increase mentoring time to one hour each week beginning next term, a wonderful answer to prayer!

Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany, Matthew & Lachlan