Monday, January 14, 2008

Return to Vanuatu


We have been a little quiet lately as we have just had one month rest
with our families in Australia for Christmas. Glen has now returned to
Vanuatu and Rachael will return with the family on 27th January.

Over the next three weeks Glen will mainly be working on College
finances and lesson preparation (when he finds out which classes he
will be teaching). Rachael will continue to spend time with her
parents, and the girls will go to swimming lessons.

We are still not sure which courses will go ahead this year. Please
pray for those who are making decisions. There are a lot of big
changes taking place.

Thanks again for your prayers, and we will try to give you more
guidance in your prayers as we learn more about what the year will
look like.

Yours in Christ,
Glen & Rachael and family