Monday, June 23, 2008

Some answers to prayer and great encouragements

We have had some great encouragements over the last couple of weeks and we will write some of these in our next toktok. Some students have organised to read the Bible and pray together and believe it is making a difference in their lives. One student told me he didn't grow much during his two years doing the Certificate Course, but that he has grown heaps over the last six months while in first year diploma. He said the difference is that he is reading and discussing the Bible with other students and he can see now how God changes people as they read his Word and pray. Students are also keen to help people in surrounding villages, and many have decided to run Bible studies on basic discipleship as part of their field experience. They are also trying to find ways to use Open Day this weekend as a way to encourage and teach people from the surrounding area.

Give thanks to God for the work he is doing here. Give thanks for students like Temar, Kalmara, John Maite and Matthew who are really keen for these things to happen. Please pray that the discipleship Bible studies will go ahead in many villages, and that people will come to know Christ or grow in their faith and obedience to him. Please pray that students will find ways to glorify God in the way that we run Open Day, and that people who come will learn more about Christ as well as having a good time.

We have also enjoyed having visitors recently including many who came for the opening of the new library, some friends from College, and Glen's mother. We always love having visitors and find it very encouraging and helpful!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thanksgiving for the field experience visits...

Some of the students spoke tonight about their time in the villages
over the weekend.

Bosco spoke about an old man in the village who began to cry during a
bible study and he cried and cried. It was a study on discipleship
and he was crying for his village who were not following Christ.
Bosco challenged the staff here at Talua to give their best as they
teach so that students can go out and give their best in the villages.

Then Manangis stood up. He was bouncing with joy as he spoke about
how they had seen God at work. In his village the people were hungry
for the word of God and begging the students to come more and more to
run bible studies for them. Manganis also said, 'please keep feeding
us so we can feed them.'

Temar, his smile spread across his face, and eyes shining, stood up
and simply thanked us (and you!) for praying for them. God, he said,
answered your prayers. Thank-you.