Monday, September 22, 2008

Please pray for peace in many tense situations...

Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our
daily lives and teaching here. There are also a number of significant
issues taking place all at once. Please remember the following matters
in your prayers.

We heard yesterday that there has been a lot of trouble at Ban Ban
over the last few days. Various leaders within the church are arguing
bitterly and openly. No church activities are going ahead and we heard
that someone stole the bell to stop church meetings. We may go to Ban
Ban this weekend. Glen will be preaching at Ban Ban either this
weekend or next weekend, or possibly both. Please pray for humility
and gentleness among those involved in the situation, for wisdom for
the leaders and others who are helping, and for a peaceful resolution.

One of the lecturers at Talua has a house and small store in town. We
heard this morning that these buildings were attacked and destroyed.
Please pray also for this situation and the lecturer concerned.

The Assembly of the Presbyterian Church began on Saturday and will go
for one week. There has been tension leading up to this Assembly
because it was postponed within a week of the scheduled starting date.
This caused a lot of inconvenience and financial burden to people.
Many pastors arrived yesterday (Monday) afternoon but were feeling
quite angry. Please pray that this will be dealt with in a helpful and
godly way and that there may also be peace in this situation. Please
pray that the Assembly will make wise decisions. (The Assembly will be
deciding whether to reappoint us and the Williamsons at Talua for

A new prime minister was appointed today. It is a very weak and
unstable coalition and, hence, the PM is only being appointed for one
year. Please pray for stability in the government here.

In all of this we want to trust in our good, loving and powerful God
who is working in all things, and we want to stay focused on
proclaiming Christ and applying the Gospel to these difficult
situations. These situations can only be resolved properly if people's
hearts are truly changed!