Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why no more posts?

For privacy reasons prayer points are no longer posted on this page.

This is partly because internet access is improving in Vanuatu and we do not wish to cause any offence to local people by anything we write. We have always tried to be sensitive about the way we say things and to avoid unnecessary offence, but at this stage we think it is better to no longer publish the prayer points on the internet.

We do continue to send weekly prayer points. Please email us if you wish to receive them, or contact us through our web page

Glen & Rachael

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Connor weekly prayer points


Thank you for your prayers last weekend. Although the students did not do anything on Sunday, they had many opportunities to speak with people and lead Bible studies on Friday and Saturday. And now we have more opportunities this weekend. Glen will preach at Talua (2 Thes 1:3-10) and Sam will preach at Tata School (Luke 12:49-53); the other students in the mentoring group will help in the services. We have also been asked to preach and teach in several nearby villages over the next month – a real answer to our prayers as we try to encourage and train the students!

It is often difficult preaching at Talua. Staff are meant to be a model to the students, who meet in groups each Tuesday to discuss the sermon.  Pray that this Sunday Glen will faithfully teach the Scriptures for God's glory and not his own. Pray that students and staff will be reminded that Christ is coming to punish those who do not know him, and that they will trust fully in Christ for salvation, persevere even through hard times, and grow in their desire to proclaim Christ where he is not yet known. 

Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany, Matthew & Lachlan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Connor weekly prayer points

Brief prayer point: Pray that God will give Glen and the students opportunities to evangelise, teach and preach on field this weekend, despite difficulties in communication with the village.


We are thankful that we just had two lighter weeks during college holidays which gave us time for rest and preparation. Our planned trip to the island of Malekula for one week fell through, so we went to Ipayato village for one night instead. We can see that this was for the best and are now more refreshed.

Over the next week:

• Pray for Glen as he leads college devotions on Ascension Day (Thursday 17th). Pray that students and staff will realise that Jesus has power over every ruler and authority, both physical and spiritual.

• Pray for field this weekend (18th-20th). Glen has prepared two talks and Sam and John should also have teaching prepared, but communication with the village has been poor and this often means people go to their gardens and programs cannot go ahead. Pray that God will give us opportunities to evangelise, teach and encourage people this weekend, either in Avunumbulu or elsewhere.

• We are in the first week of a new term. Pray for safe travel for students still traveling, and for staff to prepare and teach faithfully this term.

• We have just appointed a new Sunday School committee. Pray that students will see the importance of teaching our children and will have fresh enthusiasm and faithfulness in this work. Pray that children at Talua will know what God has done for them through Christ and will have fellowship with him. Pray for wisdom for the committee as they plan lessons for this term. Pray that Glen will be able to encourage and train the committee and Sunday School teachers.

Thanks again for your prayers,
Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany, Matthew & Lachlan Connor

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Final field experience trip

Thank you for your prayers. The translation course went well. Classes are going well. We have also had great conversations with students and staff recently about how we can proclaim Christ more faithfully in Vanuatu.

This weekend (21st-23rd) is our final field experience in Avunatari, the largest village on Malo. We will lead studies on grace and justification by faith (not using those words!). Then Api will preach on Sunday on Romans 6, showing how we died with Christ and now live new lives in him. Please pray that we will teach clearly and faithfully. Pray that God will work powerfully by his Spirit so that people may appreciate the wonderful salvation we have by his grace and will give themselves wholeheartedly in obedience to him.

We then have two more weeks of class. Glen will be teaching:
– diploma students about judgement, heaven and hell.
– foundation year students on prayer.
– BMin students on New Testament letters, especially Galatians.

Please continue to pray for both of us as we teach and for the students in these last few weeks before exams.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SIL course

Each year SIL workers come to Talua to lead a 1 or 2 week training workshop on Bible translation. It teaches students the importance of people having God's Word in their own language and leads some students to Bible translation work after college. Please pray for the workshop next week.

Give thanks that the reconciliation ceremony went well on Wednesday. There seemed to be genuine repentance at wrongdoing and a desire for forgiveness and moving forward. Pray that there will be forgiveness and unity in Christ within the Talua community.

Please continue to pray for our regular teaching and as we prepare for our final field experience on 21st-23rd October.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Connor weekly prayer points (Wednesday 28th September)

Prayer brief: Pray for Rachael who is teaching the women to write and lead Bible studies, a very new idea for most of them.

Hello everyone,

It is a normal week this week – nothing special. Please keep praying for our preparation and teaching, and for mentoring each week.

We give thanks that the staff member on strike has now resumed teaching. The meeting to discuss the issue is tomorrow (Thursday 29th) so please keep praying if you receive this email in time.

Glen was a little sick and didn't go on field. We haven't heard how it went, but will let you know next week.

Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany, Matthew & Lachlan

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pastor's retreat on the decline of the Presbyterian Church

We had a very encouraging field experience last weekend at Malo. It was our first time visiting the village, and we found the people to be full of praise and thanksgiving to God through Christ. The students worked hard and we are all very thankful to God for the weekend.

Tomorrow (Friday) the director of the Ministry Training Program in Australia will be visiting Talua. Please pray that Ben will say many helpful things to the students and staff, and that it will help us to see the importance of training people in ministry and give us ideas for how to do this better.

Next week (29th August - 2nd September) many pastors and elders will meet in Luganville to address the problem of the decline in the Presbyterian church. Ps Tony Wan will lead some of the sessions and call people back to preaching, teaching and discipleship. This is a wonderful opportunity. Please pray that those attending will see the importance of focusing on the Gospel of Christ and be filled with greater passion to preach Christ and teach the Word of God.

The following week is the Presbyterian Church Assembly. There are many administrative matters to deal with, but please pray that in all that we discuss we will remember Christ and be making decisions that help people throughout the nation know him and grow to maturity.

There are many exciting things happening and also many challenges. Thank you again for your prayers.