Sunday, October 19, 2008

General prayer points

Glen is teaching through 1 Samuel this week, looking at the rise of
the Kingship in Israel. He wants students to understand what God is
teaching us in 1 Samuel, but also to become better at reading Old
Testament stories and applying them to us through Jesus. He is also
teaching Paul's second and third missionary journeys.

We are organising for about 6 people from Vanuatu to come to Australia
at the end of November to attend a conference called "South Pacific
Regional Training Event." This could be a great help and encouragement
to these people. Please pray for passports and visas to be given, the
remaining funds needed for the trip to be provided, smooth planning,
and that it would really help the people who go. You may be able to
meet some of these people during their stay!

We are also hoping that some people will visit Australia for a much
longer period during 2009 to help in their ministry training. Please
pray that this will be able to happen.

We had a very enjoyable visit from Glen's brother (Wayne) and two of
his children. He did a lot of electrical work and this has helped us
and the Williamson's greatly. We are very thankful for this.

We had our final mentoring night last Friday. The students have learnt
a lot through this year from our times together and from their
experiences on field. The new program has been a wonderful blessing to
the students and we are very thankful. It has also changed the way
they do their ministry as they are seeking to base what they do more
thoroughly on the Scriptures and to keep the good news of Jesus at the
centre of their ministry. This is wonderful to see!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ban Ban Again

We had a good weekend at Million Dollar Point (Ban Ban). Although the
church was locked and the problems have not been resolved, a sunday
service was organised in a house and quite a few people came. It was
an encouraging time together. We were also able to pray with different
people over the weekend. People rejoiced that the problems did not
stop us meeting together and that God is with us wherever we meet.

We will return again this weekend. As far as we know the issues are
still not resolved and we will probably meet in the house again. Glen
will preach on part of Ephesians 1. Please continue to pray for the
situation and for our work this weekend. Pastor Philip, the local
pastor, has returned from Assembly and will need to deal with the
issues. It is difficult for him because he is pastor of about 15
different congregations and his time is limited. Please pray for
wisdom for him!

Glen's brother Wayne has been with us over the last week, with his
sons Ben and Tim. It has been great spending time together and Wayne
has fixed a lot of electrical problems in our house and around Talua.
This is a real blessing!