Saturday, April 19, 2008

Glen leaves for Australia amid general family chaos


Give thanks with us for a wonderful term. The last few weeks went well and the students all seem satisfied with their growth through the term. The mission class was difficult, but by the end of the term some of them where getting pretty excited about the book of Exodus. Give thanks for all that has happened this term, and pray for the students as they begin exams on 28th April.

Before exams we have the week of Annual lectures, beginning tomorrow. Two speakers, Greg Anderson and Ma'afu Palu, will look at how to read and apply the Bible from within our particular context. Please pray that they will speak well and that it will encourage the students to read the Bible carefully and take it seriously in their lives and their ministry.

Glen will be away during this time because he is leaving today to go to Australia for two weeks to do a course at SMBC. Please pray for Rachael who will stay behind with the three children. Matthew had a vomiting bug on Friday night and Sophie had it last night so everyone is feeling a little tired. We also had a cyclone pass yesterday but it didn't end up hitting us. These things are all minor, but they make it hard for Glen to get on the plane and go. Please pray that God would give strength and good health to Rachael over the next two weeks, that the children will be cooperative, and that other people at Talua will help and support Rachael.

Lastly, Glen has been talking with an Elder from the church in town about working together on a book store in town. Please pray that God would provide a way for this to happen.

Thank you again for your prayers. We really appreciate them!

Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany and Matthew Connor

Monday, April 7, 2008

Upcoming visit to Australia


There are now two weeks of classes left. Please pray that students would work hard during this time and that what they learn will be helpful in their future ministry. Pray that God would calm those who are worried about exams or outstanding school fees.  Pray also that the students will grow not just in knowledge about God but in true knowledge of him and in holiness and desire to please him.

Glen will be in Australia for almost two weeks, beginning 20th April, and will need to finish marking and a lot of financial matters before he goes. Pray that this work would be completed and that he will also be able to spend good time with the family before he goes.

This week we will try to organise for students to visit the prison. Please pray that this ministry will be able to go ahead and will bear fruit. Pray that there will be no hindrances to this ministry or to mentoring.

Give thanks that Matthew is sleeping much better at night (except for last night!). We can always give thanks for continuing health and safety, the day to day growth of the students in knowledge and godliness, the encouraging sermons we have heard from students, their desire for evangelism, and many other things.

Yours in Christ,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany & Matthew Connor