Monday, February 16, 2009

End of the first week of classes

We are all well and enjoying the many blessings of life at Talua.

Philip attended his Father's funeral in Ambrym and has now returned to
Talua to continue the BTh program. Thank you for your prayers for him.
There are some students in the Diploma and Mission program who haven't
arrived yet. Transport is difficult here and some people are waiting
on ships. Please pray that everyone will be able to arrive quickly and

This week fourth year diploma students will be looking at the death of
Christ with Glen over 8 class hours. Please pray that we will also see
more clearly God's love and mercy and justice and just how much he has
done for us. Pray also that we will respond to this teaching with
renewed trust in God and thankfulness to him and desire to share with
others how wonderful our God is.

Some other events coming up:
20th Feb - Rachael is leading devotions on John 4:7-42
27th Feb - First field experience weekend with Billy, John, Joel &
Kalmara, at a nearby village called Sarete.
1st March - Glen will be leading a prayer night with the College

Friday, February 6, 2009

Term 1 begins for Diploma students

This week is the first week of lectures for term 1. Glen will be
teaching "God's solution to sin" and "Biblical Interpretation" to
final year Diploma students as well as Greek with the BTh students.
These are all subjects he greatly enjoys, although it has been hard
getting enough preparation time. Please pray for Glen's preparation,
and that he would be able to show the students the benefits of
studying these subjects so that they will work hard. Pray especially
for the final year students, that these subjects will help them to be
focused on our Lord Jesus Christ and paying careful attention to God's

Philip Joses is one of the degree students. His father passed away
last week and he has gone back to his home island of Ambrym. Please
pray for God's comfort during this time, and for Philip as he has a
lot of responsibilities to carry out in his village at this time.
Please pray also that he would be able to come back to Talua soon and
continue his studies.

There are a lot of activities in the last half of February. We'll try
to give you more information next week, but the phones have been quite
problematic and we wanted to get this email out quickly while we can.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BTh foundation year begins!

Hello everyone,

We have returned to Talua again for 2009 and we look forward to your
prayer support again. Our Father delights in the prayers of his
children! Here are some ideas to guide your prayers.

• The BTh program began in January with a 3 week Greek intensive, and
this week is now week 1 of term. Please pray that the students will
work hard at their Greek and their other subjects and not find it
overwhelming. Give thanks that most students have enjoyed their
studies so far and have kept up with the Greek. Three students (Ps
Kalotap, Fr Boe & Fr Tari) arrived late and are behind on their Greek.
Please pray that they will be able to catch up. Please pray that all
the students will grow in knowledge and godliness as they train for
future ministry.

• This week is orientation week for the other programs, with bible
studies on obedience. Please pray that these studies will challenge
and encourage students from God's Word and that the students and staff
will be serious about out personal growth during this year. (Glen will
lead the Tuesday morning study.)

• Pray for staff as they prepare lessons ready for classes next week.

• We are short on married accommodation this year and some families
are having to share one house. Please pray for patience in this
difficult situation and the families involved will be able to rejoice
even in this difficulty. Pray that the families will be able to get on
well, especially those with young children, and that God would use
this situation to bring great blessing to the families involved.

• Please pray for Rachael as she teaches Sophie (yr 1) & Bethany
(kindy) at home. Especially pray for her patience with the children
and that she would be a loving and godly example to the children as
she teaches them.

Thanks for your prayers,
Glen, Rachael, Sophie, Bethany and Matthew